Chat With Traders Community
Chat With Traders Community

Chat With Traders Community

🛈 Note: Our community closed its doors on May 15, 2024. Please read update message at the bottom.

The Purpose

We bring together listeners of the CHAT WITH TRADERS podcast who are navigating their trading journey...

to come together to further connect, share, learn, support, and help hold one another accountable...

so that we can make progress in becoming BETTER day at a time...

Why Join CWT Community

✔️Connect and share with other CWT listeners and traders
✔️Continue the discussion on topics from great episodes
✔️Network for guidance and support in specific areas
✔️Interact with others, feel less lonely in your journey
✔️LIVE Online Community Guest Speakers & Discussions
✔️Spotlight interviews on developing traders
✔️Listen to regular CWT episodes without the ads
✔️Listen to bonus episodes not available to public
✔️Join the Traders Accountability Program (TAP)
✔️Join the CWT Live Trading Room
✔️Break away from noises & distractions of Social Media
✔️Compete in Trading Challenges for great prizes and learn
✔️Engage and win monthly prizes and giveaways
✔️More benefits/programs as community grows


"This community has helped me to improve as a trader, and as a person. I have increased my confidence, I feel less lonely, and understood by others who are in the same journey. Now I know what accountability can give you, when you share with the right people."  - Cris R 

"When I joined the Chat with Trader Community, I was surprised by how supportive everyone was. The members are knowledgeable and always ready to lend a hand. I appreciate the positive atmosphere within the community. Now, after three months, I can confidently say that I have found a trading family."  - Patrick P. 

"I've been hooked on CWT for ages, and damn, their podcasts have been a game-changer for my life. When they rolled out the community,I lucked out being one of the first members.The Traders Lounge and epic Zoom calls with badass traders worldwide? Mind-blowing! Cheers to the community, you guys rock!"  - Daniel Monteiro

"The main reason I would recommend the CWT Community is the camaraderie and peer support. This community stood out to me because of the quality of its content and the dedication of its members of like-minded individuals who are all working towards the same goal."  - Tim C

"Before joining TAP I was the only person I personally knew who traded. TAP gave me the opportunity to connect with others from around the world who share the same passion as me! My trading has improved, my discipline has improved, and I am having fun! "  - Adam N

"CWT Community is greatly helpful for my trading career. It is a supportive, friendly and trusting atmosphere with many active members. I have received a lot of help through TAP. For a beginner, it is crucial to share with other traders, ask questions and get first hand answers. Highly recommended."  - Jens Mansholt

"CWT community is great! Before this I have never had a community that would back me up and together we practice proper fundamental trading habits but this one is legit. Would recommend for anyone taking trading seriously. "  - Edward Leung

"I enrolled in TAP mainly to test myself and stay committed on some goals: not only it helped me to achieve the goal I had set for the TAP but it was also a pleasure as my partner has been amazing and he is an amazing trader."  - Damiano C

"The community opened me to a great bunch of traders, it’s useful for consulting, brainstorming, sharing and getting new ideas. It holds one more accountable for his own trading process and it’s an amazing environment to develop as a trader.
I couldn’t recommend it more, join us!"  - Dor Shahar  

"Joining the Chat with Traders community has been a game changer for me, because of just that, the community! Ppl from all skill levels to interact with and learn from. Of all the online trader chat groups I've been a part of, this one feels most like home =]"  - MARK SAN JUAN 

"The Chat With Traders community was the nudge I needed to finally see some consistency in my trading process. Furthermore, the positive atmosphere in the community is unlike anything else I have seen on-line.
"  - Henrik Johansson

"In the CWT community, we're able to get personalized feedback from seasoned traders as well as supportive friends. We get exposure to new information, ideas, strategies, tools and special events." - Brandon Upson

"Being able to interact with traders of all development levels has greatly improved my outlook and approach to markets, most importantly in how I work to improve day by day. My results are greatly improved since joining, but this process focus has been the most important development for me."  - Kyle M  

"If you're a trader looking for a supportive community and expert insights, I recommend CWT. It feels like you're sitting down with friends who happen to be top traders, sharing their experiences and strategies. The trader accountability program is especially helpful for setting goals and staying on track. Highly recommend."  - Marilyn DeMauro

"Since joining Chat With Traders community and the TAP program I have taken on many of the ideas  that fellow traders have freely shared with me about their trading and risk management strategies and implemented them into my own trading. This has proved very valuable for me and my trading. "  - Jay Crocker 

"CWT is a strong community of traders ranging from beginner to advanced. You will find ongoing discussions through messaging and weekly events on zoom. I would highly recommend to join this community if you are missing that close interaction with fellow like minded entrepreneurs. "  - Steve Benyi

"Community and TAP showed me that this is a process that works better in a group of like minded people than alone. I've been progressing in my goals and my only objective is each week be better than the previous. All are fantastic in helping me to do that!"  - Nuno Barata  

"Having previously worked in a prop firm, I can say the CWT community provides structured, goal-orientated accountability on a daily and weekly basis for your trading where you set the agenda. The best way to set up your trading pod and work on your trading goals as a team. " - Scott R

...more testimonials to follow.

A Big Thanks🙏

ℹ️ IMPORTANT UPDATE:  As of May 15th, 2024, CWT Community has closed its doors. 

With a heavy heart, we have made the difficult decision to close the doors to the CWT Community on May 15th, 2024. When we launched the community back in November 2022, our goal was to create a special space for listeners of the Chat With Traders Podcast to connect, share ideas, and learn from each other. We envisioned a thriving community of traders and aspiring traders, coming together to support each other on their trading journeys. We have also learned a lot from building this special community and will continue to learn and grow from this experience. 

To those who have been a part of the CWT Community, we sincerely hope that the community has brought some value to your trading journeys, even if just in small ways. Your presence here mattered to us, and we're grateful for every contribution and interaction.  We have come to know some of you on a deeper level than we could have ever imagined, talking about trading and sharing the struggles and the hopes and joys that come with it.

Well, we're not going far away! Ian Cox and I will continue to focus on the Chat With Traders Podcastand bring episodes packed full of valuable insights and stories from talented and inspiring traders and other guests. Melissa who has helped welcome many of you into the community will also not be far away as she will continue to help with the podcast behind the scenes.  

⭐ If you'd like to be in touch with us and you're not yet on our email list, please Click Here to Subscribe to our email list.  We'll keep you updated if there are any plans for a re-opening of CWT Community in the future, as well as anything Chat With Traders Podcast related.

Our community co-hosts, Patrick Petersson (special guest on Episode 260) and Steve B. have done incredible work as hosts of the CWT Live Trading Room since August of 2023, pouring their hearts into sharing with the community an important part of their days dedicated to masterful trading and mentoring traders, leaving a lasting impact of motivation and inspiration.  If you would like to stay connected with both Patrick and Steve, please follow them on X (formerly Twitter). Here are their X handles: @daytraderpat and @libra_trading.  

We thank all of our members and guests for being a part of the CWT Community. It has truly been a beautiful experience and we hope to meet again in the future!  Wishing you all the best in your trading and life!

With sincere gratitude, 

Tessa and CWT Community Team


* If you have any questions or just want to reach out, you may send an email to [email protected].