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The Purpose

We bring together listeners of the CHAT WITH TRADERS podcast who are navigating their way through their trading journey...

to come together to further connect, share, learn, support, and help hold one another accountable...

so that we can make progress in becoming BETTER day at a time...

✨21-Day Trading Challenge Contest

Did you come here for the first exciting Trading Contest sponsored by Trade The Pool and Chat With Traders?

Contest started May 15th, 2023

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To be qualified for the contest and eligible for prizes, you will need to be a member of our community.

Note:  If you have already registered for the Contest on Trade The Pool's hub, but not yet a member of our community, join now in order to be qualified. Use the same email address provided when you registered for the Contest (for validation purposes).

Why Join CWT Community

✔️Connect and share with other CWT listeners and traders
✔️Continue the discussion on topics from great episodes
✔️Network for guidance and support in specific areas
✔️Interact with others, feel less lonely in your journey
✔️LIVE Online Community Guest Speakers & Discussions
✔️Spotlight interviews on developing traders
✔️Listen to regular CWT episodes without the ads
✔️Listen to bonus episodes not available to public
✔️Enroll in the Traders Accountability Program (TAP)
✔️Compete in Trading Contests for great prizes
✔️Break away from noises & distractions of Social Media
✔️Generous 1-Month Free trial! Low cost after
✔️More benefits/programs as community grows

A Big Thanks🙏

Thank you for your consideration to join the CWT Community. We hope to see you in there!
Let's build an amazing community together!


* If there is a particular role or contribution you are interested in providing inside the community, please email [email protected] with subject heading "CWT Community Collaboration"


"This community has helped me to improve as a trader, and as a person. I have increased my confidence, I feel less lonely, and understood by others who are in the same journey. Now I know what accountability can give you, when you share with the right people."  - Cris R 

"When I joined the Chat with Trader Community, I was surprised by how supportive everyone was. The members are knowledgeable and always ready to lend a hand. I appreciate the positive atmosphere within the community. Now, after three months, I can confidently say that I have found a trading family."  - Patrick P. 

"Before joining TAP I was the only person I personally knew who traded. TAP gave me the opportunity to connect with others from around the world who share the same passion as me! My trading has improved, my discipline has improved, and I am having fun! "  - Adam N

"The community opened me to a great bunch of traders, it’s useful for consulting, brainstorming, sharing and getting new ideas. It holds one more accountable for his own trading process and it’s an amazing environment to develop as a trader.
I couldn’t recommend it more, join us!"  - Dor Shahar  

"If you're a trader looking for a supportive community and expert insights, I recommend CWT. It feels like you're sitting down with friends who happen to be top traders, sharing their experiences and strategies. The trader accountability program is especially helpful for setting goals and staying on track. Highly recommend."  - Marilyn DeMauro

"Since joining Chat With Traders community and the TAP program I have taken on many of the ideas  that fellow traders have freely shared with me about their trading and risk management strategies and implemented them into my own trading. This has proved very valuable for me and my trading. "  - Jay Crocker 

"Community and TAP showed me that this is a process that works better in a group of like minded people than alone. I've been progressing in my goals and my only objective is each week be better than the previous. All are fantastic in helping me to do that!"  - Nuno Barata  

...more testimonials to follow.

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